My research focuses on a relationship between conceptual frames of image and text, investigating the paradoxical moment, a shifting experience between two poles, such as characteristics of the mixture of sadness/happiness, misunderstanding/understanding, familiar/unfamiliar, present/absent and so on. By investigating this relationship, a dialogue is established, which I call Relaxed-Aesthetics. In this respect, Relaxed-Aesthetics is my criteria for making artworks. Simultaneously, Relaxed-Aesthetics is my methodology that articulates the dichotomies of theories and art practices. Relaxed-Aesthetics is a ‘no-method’ method, which functions as a mediator between theories and artworks.

In other words, as a research-based artist, Relaxed-Aesthetics intends to investigate a moment, whose description proves difficult through any form of language,i.e. speaking and written words. By utilizing artworks as visual metaphors of a reflection of conceptual framework, a visual account of this uncertain and ambiguous moment is demonstrated and developed. Furthermore, as an artist-based researcher, locating my practice works in discussing Jacques Derrid's writing. Relaxed-Aesthetics aims to extend a parallel discussion, which involves practical knowledge and visual aspect, responding to theoretical accounts. This thinking allows written text to have greater flexibility in the sense that it can be adapted to art practice and theories at the same time.

My main aim is to question the characteristics of conceptual frames function in an interaction process, and also highlights the dialogue between theories and art practice. From the artist's viewpoint as a starting point, I aim to develop a construction of visual metaphor as aesthetics and one potential methodology in practice-based research, by exploring Relaxed-Aesthetics.